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Welcome to Singularity
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Hello fellow cheater,
and welcome to Singularity! This thread should help you to become familiar with us and become an active part of our growing community.

Take part in this growing community by following our guidelines. From acts of kindness to respecting others, by simply following our rules, you can be an amazing member! You can help out those in need, or help the community in general. There’s going to be those who won’t follow the rules and we take serious action on them. Those who are in violation of our rules will be punished with our Penalty-Points-System, so make sure you've read them intensively!

Currently, we provide three cheats for CS:GO, however, in the future, we are planning to expand into other games.

CSGO Cheats
sinq.aX - Premium Internal CS:GO Cheat
sinq.eX - Premium External CS:GO Cheat...
Bug Fixing for sinq.aX, Website, and Security Updates
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Hello community,

we're still alive! Although it may seem that we have been silent, there have been several updates over the course of this month - some of them improving the encryption/randomization of our products and a new download system. With the new download system, users should now be able to download their cheats without running into any issues.

Yes! We are planning to release a cheat that will bypass FaceIt AntiCheat and other third-party anticheats, allowing you to play on leagues. We have been hearing from some of our users that they are interested in cheating in FaceIt and other third-party platforms. Currently, our developer elliot. is in the works of developing a separate cheat specifically for FaceIt and other leagues. More info to come at a later time.

Some changes have been made to our internal...
Now accepting Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, BTCCash and USDCoin payments!
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Hi there fellow cheaters,

we hope you got a good start into the new year 2020 and are happy to welcome you back in good health and spirit.
Since Bitcoin and other eCoins rise in popularity we're happy to announce that we're now able to accept Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, BTCCash as well as USDCoin with an automated payments process. This means you can pay with coins, wait until the payment network has processed your payment (depending on load and the structure of the coin's network) and afterwards your subscription ist automatically added to your account.

To celebrate this step into the future of currency we're providing you with a special discount up to 30% if you pay with a digital currency mentioned above!
The discount code is: #eCurrency

In this spirit we wish...
Merry Christmas to you all <3
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Hello community,

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy your time with family and friends. As we go into the brand new year of 2020, I’d like to think this year was a great one for Singularity, as the events that have occurred over this year has shown that it can still stand strong. I would like to thank the staff team for working hard with me, and even though some of them come and go, each leaves a memory with us. I would also like to thank the community for your patience and trust when we’ve needed it the most. Thank you for sticking with us this year <3.

But before we close out this year, there will be a Christmas sale this week, starting with a 35% off sales discount on the 24th (more info here).
A Christmas tree contest will also take place, where the winners will receive...
New forum, new looks, new perspective
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Hello there fellow cheaters,

After hours and hours of hard work by the whole staff team we're finally ready to welcome you to our new and improved website!
We upgraded the forum to version two but the more eyecatching change is our switch to a new awesome looking style. We reworked all the logos, pictures, threads and everything we could think of. In fact we were working on this upgrade in the background silently since March. So now its on you to give the new website a torough check and see if everything is in place. If you find anything that's broken, needs to get replaced or sth of that nature, please send us a message via the support ticket system.

Csgo hacks
Every aX customer which bought the hack on the old forum version and still has his user title (aX customer) can rebuild their cheat and afterwards...
Upgrades and Improvements
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Greetings fellow cheaters,

a little over a month has passed since the minor disturbance but now we are proud to announce that a lot of improvements are coming to singularity. For the past few weeks, the whole team has been working tremendously hard, putting a lot effort into this project. We aim to upgrade the forum on Saturday this weekend. So when you're trying to access our website, don't be alarmed if you see we are in "maintenance mode". The website will only be in this state for a few hours, which just means we are in the process of upgrading!

Yes! Our cs go wallhack will still work while the forum is in maintenance mode.
But no need to worry, you can still dominate your opponents in your matches!

What will be improved / added?

- We are upgrading to a new forum version (Xenforo 2)
- As you may already have seen, singularity will get a brand new color theme
- More features for our...
Loader and Lookout
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Hello community,

we've just released a new loader for sinq.aX (our internal cheat) and reopened the base to the public after the access was closed yesterday evening. After nearly 24h hard work by the whole staff we're finally back in business. As a precaution we now took sinq.eX offline and are going to rework it and the csgo hack until tomorrow evening.

Let me say that much: There will be big changes to singularity and its system in the future. And all of them will really be awesome! We'll start with a forum upgrade to Xenforo 2 and a new design for singularity. The whole staff team is working day and night so you guys can enjoy a new and cleaner forum very soon.
On the software side we are planning to release our own driver to ensure maximum safety. We also plan extend our cheat inventory to other games like Battlefield, Apex and other Games you have played in the past and will...
Singulars - Reward Shop & How to Earn Credits
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On our website, users are rewarded with credits (singulars). With these singulars, you can buy many great things like:
Being an active user on our forum can reward you with more Singulars. Here are ways to earn Singulars through our forum
Initial Registration: 40-50 Singulars
Singularity League
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Join our league to earn Singulars which can be used in our forum shop! By using sinq.aX in official Matchmaking servers, your statistics such as your kill count and headshots will be automatically tracked and synced to the leaderboard. There are daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, allowing you to compete in three ladders.
Not first in the leaderboard? Don’t worry, there are two more spots but offers fewer Singulars. Play CS:GO and compete with other members in our community to win some Singulars!

Official Matchmaking Servers only
Must have sinq.aX

What is considered an “Official Matchmaking Server?”
Official Matchmaking Servers include Competitive Matches and Wingman Matches only.

How do I earn ladder points?
The points for the league are calculated as follows:
Kill = 2 Points
Death = -1 Point
Assist = 0.5 Point
Headshot = 0.5 Point

Daily Ladder Prizes
1st Place: 50...
Affiliate Program
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Looking into promoting our cheat while making videos and pushing your channel's views?
If so, we would like to invite you to participate in our affiliate program! There are many benefits when joining!

  • Free access to all our products (csgo hack free & best csgo hacks )
  • You're allowed to advertise your channel on our website, discord and social media platforms
  • We'll give you a shoutout from our youtube channel and other social media accounts for every video/contribution
  • Each participant gets a discount code for your followers with up to 15% (depends on your channel)
  • We'll add your channel on singularity’s YouTube channel (right side subscribe block)
  • Each participant also has the opportunity to use our resources - giveaways can be hosted and we will provide...
Social Media
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In order for you to be always up to date, you can follow us on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CSGOCheatHacks or https://t.singularity.wtf
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/singularity_cheats| singularity or https://yt.singularity.wtf| singularity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Singularity.wtf/| Singularity - Premium CS:GO Cheat or https://fb.singularity.wtf| Singularity - Premium CS:GO Cheat

Don't forget to get the best free csgo hacks 2018!

By following us you'll receive daily updates, giveaways, sales and many more. There are unique...
Products Overview
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productbox_ (1).pngsinq.aX - Premium Internal CS:GO Cheat
Sinq.aX is the best cheat that is available, as it provides more features and options compared to the other paid cheat - sinq.eX. Overall, you can say that the premium internal cheat is more superior! This is the best value as it is undetectable and fully customizable.

productbox_ (3).pngsinq.eX - Premium External CS:GO Cheat
Sinq.eX is perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on cheats or cannot afford it. Although it has fewer features than sinq.aX, it is enough for you to dominate your opponents.

[COLOR=rgb(84, 172...
Parting ways and downtime
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The downtime
First off, all the cheats are all online again. :)

So what happened?
Our forum database got corrupted and we had to restore a very old backup, which resulted in a big loss of user data. :mad: As of right now, Singularity is still under re-construction and this will be going on for a few days until the forum is restored completely. If your account data was lost please register with a new one.

Why didn't you have auto backups activated?
We had them active but our host configured the backups to drop onto our own machine. Genius right? 20,000 user accounts were lost in that process, so we decided to use this questionable "opportunity" and move our files to a more professional host.

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What about my subscription/account?...