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Hello community,

we've just released a new loader for sinq.aX (our internal cheat) and reopened the base to the public after the access was closed yesterday evening. After nearly 24h hard work by the whole staff we're finally back in business. As a precaution we now took sinq.eX offline and are going to rework it untill tomorrow evening.

Let me say that much: There will be big changes to singularity and its system in the future. And all of them will really be awesome! We'll start with a forum upgrade to Xenforo 2 and a new design for singularity. The whole staff team is working day and night so you guys can enjoy a new and cleaner forum very soon.
On the software side we are planning to release our own driver to ensure maximum safety. We also plan extend our cheat inventory to other games like Battlefield, Apex and other Games you have played in the past and will play in the future.
Of course we'll post news and keep you updated about everything.


Stay tuned and thanks for all your help and support!
We really <3 you!

Best regards,
the singularity.wtf team
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