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About singularity.wtf

About Singularity wtf
The foundation
singularity.wtf was founded at the end of 2017 but its origin go back several years. Starting in 2015 the two owners came up with the idea of starting a project together. This attempt unfortunately failed - but both kept this idea in mind. In 2017, however, it was decided to try something new. Something unique. Something that has its main focus on YOU, the community. Our project, singularity.wtf was born, with the goal of developing something new and unique while giving back to the community in the process.
Our Team
The areas of work are clearly structured. Each team member is important and has their own area of responsibility. We are proud to have such a great team that works hard every day to make sure our goal of serving the community with the best product and customer experience possible, is satisfied. Potential staff members undergo a strict selection program before joining our team, to make sure all of our and your standards are met. We want to make sure our team really shines with expertise and competence.
We are working hard to constantly expand and improve our service. With our high-quality CS: GO cheats, we try to increase the fun and make it easier to compete with the best.
Our Products
With our Premium Internal CS: GO Cheat sinq.aX we have created a product that combines all the best services and features into one product. The league, the reportbot & much more. Every member will love our cheat.

We also offer a high quality Free CS: GO Cheat - sinq.freeX. For people who just want to cheat every now and then or maybe just want to try out a cheat for the first time.

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