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Timeline singularity.wtf

SINGULARITY.wtf timeline
October 17
October 10th - Project start. The forum was set up.
November 17
November 15th - Concept worked out. First staff members added.
December 17
December 5th - Started to work on the cheat sinq.aX and start designing the forum.
December 26th - Added the Reportbot to our site & into our Cheat sinq.aX
January 18
January 19th - Added a Creditsystem and revolutionized the Trophy-System
February 18
February 11th - Internal league released. CS: GO Cheat sinq.aX in Alpha
March 18
March 05th - Steamhourboost released - Closed beta started for our CS:GO Cheat sinq.aX
April 18
April 07th - Official open beta start for our CS:GO Cheat sinq.aX
April 25th - Official release for our Free CS:GO Cheat sinq.freeX - reached 500 registered members
May 18
May 09th -reached 1000 registered members
May 25th -reached 2000 registered members

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