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sinq.aX - Reviews

The best undetected internal csgo hacks singularity has to offer.
Sinq.aX is a premium internal CS:GO cheat which provides a ton of features. Legit or Rage there is a feature set for everyone! This premium cheat is perfect for players who want a safe undetected and reliable multi-hack while dominating their opponents and winning the game in their own style.

Settings are directly configurable via a superb looking in-game menu or over our web panel.

Sinq.aX is constantly receiving updates in collaboration with the community and suggestions by you! Our vision of aX is to design a product for the community, by the community.

aX is Singularity's flagship nobody can mess with!

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Good cheat, good triggerbot
GET A VAC BAN! I use a usb stick but still vac ban :)
I use mainly the esp and skin changer, grenade helper, but when i need the aim, anti-aim(spin) or the many other features, then it works like a charm.
Love it, better than any free cheat like Osiris. Could use a thirdperson and rage section tho.
Works perfectly, the cheat interface is very nice.
oHhhH mE vEngoOo un cheat muy completo :)
nice and discreet. Way better than the free
ESP is way better than sinq.free, legit aim is really very detailed that overwatch may not be able to know is cheat as well. too good to be true. Currently monitoring for a month, if no ban will subscribe again.
Fonctionne très bien ! Pensez a le garder a jour.
Been using both this and the free version for over 6 MONTHS!!! on my main account, not banned yet!!!
It used to be the best public software out there, but it has some bugs and needs to get an update. Still 5 Stars because the staff team is amazing
the best undetectable cheat on the whole world. cheers
im playing over 3 nearly 4 weeks constantly and nothing happend probably the best cheat i ever used i recommend it 100%
1 of the best cheats for now
Is any one can help me ? I don't how to start it :(
very good cheat. I think the best i used in my life :D
A very good hack. i wish there was a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!
Used this for a couple months, absolutely flawless and amazing cheat. Also love how you guys will add some highly requested features as most providers do not do that.
Dont be too blatant, and this will be the perfect cheat.
Very nice software, better than other cheat !
needed it to properly run the ex version, tried it, to many things for me but for a person that wants everything hacks has to offer this is the best cheat, if you want something more simplistic like i do try the ex its great
Really one of the greatest cheats ever if you think these things are fake write me on discord Ducksby#1829
Got banned but that was thro overwatch. Really solid hack with everything you need.
This is awesome! Only used walls and some aim assist, and it's been 4 days without ban so long! Keep up guys!

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