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sinq.freeX - Product specifications

Singularity's free undetected CS:GO cheat since release, 2017. Download and try it out today!
sinq.freeX is a free premium CS:GO cheat that is safe and undetected since its release in 2017. This is a perfect entry cheat software for those who want to try out cheating or don’t need that many features. While using our cheat, you can easily gain a competitive advantage over other players without worrying about detection.

With freeX version 3, users now have the option to upgrade their cheat with more functions by purchasing upgrade tiers. For a complete list what features you get for each tier check the Feature list tab below. For Tier I & II users there will be unlocked features and Skins from Tier III depending on the day of the week and on what our hard working staff team decides. So be prepared for some events like "Aimbot Monday", "Dragon Lore Tuesday" or maybe even "FULL Feature Friday". ;)

Tier II will offer extensive features such as a customizable Skin Changer with a working live StatTrak™, advanced Triggerbot, extra ESP features like Grenade Helper, and more.

Tier III will unlock the rest of the features in the cheat like Aimbot, access to Cloud Configs, Stream Proofing, and the rest of the features in Visuals and Misc.

sinq.freeX is definitely Singularity's most used product and will stay free of charge forever! If you like freeX make sure to check out our other products as well and consider donating to our cause! Make sure to check out the Promotion forum where we are giving away subscriptions to our most sophisticated cheat sinq.aX as well as free upgrades to Tier II & III.

Overview Feature list Copyright info Releases (17) Reviews (344)

(I) = Tier 1
(II) = Tier 2
(III) = Tier 3

- Active Switch (III)​
- Toggle Key (III)​
- Team Check (III)​
- Jump Check (III)​
- Visible Check (III)​
- Target Lock (III)​
- Stop After Kill (III)​
- Field of View (III)​
- Smoothing (III)​
- Hitboxes (III)​
- Prediction (III)​
- Height Correction (III)​
- Aim Time (III)​
- Shot Delay (III)​
- Start Shot (III)​
- Stop Shot (III)​
- Target Switch Pause (III)​
- Random Error (III)​
- Curve Pitch (III)​
- Curve Yaw (III)​
- Recoil Pitch (III)​
- Recoil Yaw (III)​

- Active Switch (I)​
- Toggle Key (II)​
- Team Check (II)​
- Compensate Recoil (II)​
- Gun Game Immunity (II)​
- Delay (II)​
- Burst Time (II)​
- Burst Pause (II)​
- After Burst (II)​
- Hitboxes (II)​


- Active Switch (III)​
- Box ESP (III)​
- Line ESP (III)​
- Active Weapon ESP (III)​
- Team Check (III)​
- Visible Check (III)​
- Thickness (III)​
- Bomb Timer (III)​
- Defuse Timer (III)​
- Bomb Damage (III)​
- Colors (I)​
Grenade Prediction
- Active Switch (II)​
- Duration (II)​
- Speed (II)​
- Path Color (I)​
- Bounce Color (I)​
- Active Switch (I)​
- Visible Check (II)​
- Team Check (II)​
- OnlyOnKnife (II)​
- Players (III)​
- Weapons (III)​
- Grenades (III)​
- C4 (III)​
- Bloom (II)​
- Bloom Intensity (II)​
- Colors (I)​
- Active Switch (I)​

- Active Switch (II)​
- Rare Deagle Animation Only (II)​
- T Knives (II)​
- CT Knives (II)​
- T Gloves (II)​
- CT Gloves (II)​
- Active Skins List (II)​
- Weapon Selection (II)​
- Skin Selection (II)​
- Wear Selection (II)​
- Seed Selection (II)​
- Quality Selection (II)​
- Live StatTrak™ (II)​
- Custom Name Selection (II)​

- Bunnyhop (I)​
- Legit AutoStrafe (II)​
- AutoPistol (I)​
- Menu Key (III)​

- Active Config (III)​
- Config List (III)​
- Weapon Profiles (III)​
- Reset (III)​
- Upload (III)​
- Add Config (III)​
- Load (III)​
- Save (III)​
- Auto Weapon Settings (III)​
- AutoSave (III)​
- Config List​
- Weapon Profiles​
- Reset​
- Upload​
- Add Config​
- Load​
- Save​
- Auto Weapon Settings​
- AutoSave​

Product Information

Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7
Release date
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97% 4.85 star(s) 344 ratings

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Upgrade - Tier #2

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year


1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year