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  1. K1ng

    Special offer Christmas Contest!! - WIN PRIZES!

    For Christmas we are making a CHRISTMAS TREE CONTEST! EVERYONE can join, and there will be a prize as always. Here's what you have to do: Pimp up your Christmas tree to your best ability. Take a picture of the tree and a piece of paper saying with clear letters your forum username. Post your...
  2. Giveaway Video Contest - WIN 30$ (+3 months sinq.aX) WITH YOUR VIDEO!

    WIN $30 WITH YOUR VIDEO! Rules are as following: - singularity.wtf has to be a clickable link in the description. - NO ADFLY OR OTHER LINK SHORTENERS! Pure website URL or disqualified. Example : https://singularity.wtf/ - Videos should be shorter than 5 minutes. - Minimum duration is 90...