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  1. Faceit without cheating

    Okay, so I want to play faceit but obviously without using cheats. I have injected Sinqularity in the past and I have still noticed that there are singularity files in my csgo folder. I am wondering if it is safe to start faceit with anticheat open and hop into a match without getting banned...
  2. XTC_ChupaChups

    Playing Faceit without Client

    Hi guys, first of all the sinq.aX is working on FaceIt without using the client. Buuut i got two questions: 1. Can anyone tell me what´s the reason, that ESP/Glow/Chams only working in a very short amount of range? the Glow is appears, when player pass the corner. It´s like the half of the...
  3. Nvthvnz

    Faceit or ESEA - Anti-cheat

    Hi, I was wondering if this cheat could eventually work on FACEIT or ESEA servers!