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safe csgo cheat


    Inventory Changer

    Inventory changer, yes yes? elliot. has been working on sinq.aX, and already, the inventory changer is working like a charm. I can make the Howl a Consumer Grade instead of a Contraband :emoji_joy:.
  2. sing.aX Crash

    Hello Duds, Use v 1.7.3 The game crashes when 2 people are on the same point and the aimbot can not decide. Is it possible to add a chrash log file when crashed? Thanks, Regards Unconed

    Discount 19% Discount Coupon This Week

    Hello community, For only one week, a discount code will be available. On your next purchase, you will be able to get a 19% discount code off of every product! Code: 1weekdiscount Time: 7 days To use the code, go here to purchase the products: https://singularity.wtf/store/ and put in the...
  4. colex

    Antiaim settings

    What are good antiaim settings ?
  5. Old Gloves

    yo if its possible it would be super sick if you could implement using the old glove models in the skin changer
  6. Goonziii


    if you a real one go comment #NOTIGANG like and subscribe
  7. Vass-

    Issue with Free hack ?

    Does the free hack works for you guys? Cheats always turn off after 10 sec in-game but without crash ? Some1 else?
  8. Hack won't work in Dangerzone Sirocco

    Can't get wall and aim hacks to work in dangerzone sirocco. worked fine in the old dangerzone map. can anyone help? Tried both Free and Ax. thanks
  9. K1ng

    Giveaway GIVEAWAY | 1 month sinq.aX subscription | GIVEAWAY

    Hello community, I am giving away a 1 month subscription of sinq.aX. Usually, the price is €15, however, you can get it for free by entering the giveaway. To enter, you must: - Provide your Discord ID (including the numbers) - Comment something positive down below. The winner will be announced...
  10. colex


    what are the best antiaim setting for rage hacking? and will antiaim get u untrusted in mm?
  11. CryMexis

    Grenade helper

    What happened to the default grenade helper points for mirage? and how do i get them w/o doing them myself?
  12. colex


    Can u ragehack with singularity? Or hvh? Or is it too legit for that:emoji_bow:
  13. Eux

    How to remove aim assist in awp

    How to remove aim assist in awp in the panel because sometimes when i rewatch my games it is too blatant and easy to determine that i use assistance
  14. xaed

    How do i know trigger bot is on

    i dont know when trigger bot is on
  15. colex

    Why external or internal?

    Your opinion what is better ax or Ex? Which i should get?
  16. elliot.

    Coupon 19% off of every product!

    Hey community, since our new eCommerce plugin is factoring in tax now, how about a coupon code for tax reduction? Code: #notaxpls 19% off Time: 7 days Much love, elliot.
  17. elliot.

    We <3 singularity Promotion

    Hey community, since singularity is back up and running again and you all were really kind and patient i'd like to give away some subscriptions to you guys. The team and I really appreciate you being here because YOU'RE ARE AWESOME! So post a text containing "<3 singularity" or "aeru who?"...
  18. So my main account got ow...

    Yep, you've read the title correctly. But I woke up like yesterday in the morning and realized that I've been banned by ow in csgo. I don't know how I've got ow banned when I'm only using a very low fov aimbot with high smoothing. As well as visible only chams and radar. This is my 12th time...

    Dear Community! Just join our Discord Server and leave your forum name on the giveaway channel! Our discord: https://discord.gg/5VxwYx Prizes: 1x 1 Month Sub sinq.aX 2x 7 Days Sub sinq.aX We will anounce the lucky guys on 10.08.2018! Have fun!
  20. VopsWTF


    I am a new user here, and I'm going to try to stay really active. I currently use the free version, but soon I'm upgrading to sing.ax!