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  1. RiseVisual

    CS:GO Legit Cheating with Singularity

  2. Is this cheat any good?

    i dont know if this cheat is worth it any opinions?
  3. Variant


    HOW TO JOIN: - YOU MUST BE SUBSCRIBED (ONLY SUBSCRIBERS HAVE CHANCE FOR WIN) - LIKE THE VIDEO - COMMENT "Happy Birthday" with your singularity username (on the video comments)
  4. Fl1cks

    CS:GO Legit HACKING | #Fl1ckArmy SINGULARITY!!

  5. sing.aX Crash

    Hello Duds, Use v 1.7.3 The game crashes when 2 people are on the same point and the aimbot can not decide. Is it possible to add a chrash log file when crashed? Thanks, Regards Unconed
  6. colex

    Antiaim settings

    What are good antiaim settings ?
  7. Old Gloves

    yo if its possible it would be super sick if you could implement using the old glove models in the skin changer
  8. Vass-

    Issue with Free hack ?

    Does the free hack works for you guys? Cheats always turn off after 10 sec in-game but without crash ? Some1 else?
  9. Hack won't work in Dangerzone Sirocco

    Can't get wall and aim hacks to work in dangerzone sirocco. worked fine in the old dangerzone map. can anyone help? Tried both Free and Ax. thanks
  10. K1ng

    Giveaway GIVEAWAY | 1 month sinq.aX subscription | GIVEAWAY

    Hello community, I am giving away a 1 month subscription of sinq.aX. Usually, the price is €15, however, you can get it for free by entering the giveaway. To enter, you must: - Provide your Discord ID (including the numbers) - Comment something positive down below. The winner will be announced...
  11. colex


    what are the best antiaim setting for rage hacking? and will antiaim get u untrusted in mm?
  12. CryMexis

    Grenade helper

    What happened to the default grenade helper points for mirage? and how do i get them w/o doing them myself?