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    Do you want to steal Singulars from staff members?

    Hello Community, Here is the question we want to ask the community: Do you want to steal Singulars from staff members? There will be a poll above where you can vote yes or no. If yes, all of the staff member's currency will be vulnerable to steal attempts. If no, all the staff members will have...
  2. Rene Meson

    Private Leagues?

    We love SNGLRTY, we know all the benefits it gives us. We know how beautiful it is to have it. Would you like to play a private league with SNGLRTY?:emoji_ping_pong: :D
  3. zed

    Panorama UI

    Hello! So about right now, Panorama UI just got released! It's in beta only for now. You can see the new beta by searching on youtube or downloading the update for yourself! In my opinion, It looks pretty NEAT. I absolutely love it! Leave your thoughts about this exciting new change!, It...
  4. VOTE HERE - Should we put sinq.aX back online?

    Update: yeah we just fixed the hack. it wont trigger that module anymore. regenerating user base in a few minutes