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Bug Fixing for sinq.aX, Website, and Security Updates

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Hello community,

we're still alive! Although it may seem that we have been silent, there have been several updates over the course of this month - some of them improving the encryption/randomization of our products and a new download system. With the new download system, users should now be able to download their cheats without running into any issues.

Yes! We are planning to release a cheat that will bypass FaceIt AntiCheat and other third-party anticheats, allowing you to play on leagues. We have been hearing from some of our users that they are interested in cheating in FaceIt and other third-party platforms. Currently, our developer elliot. is in the works of developing a separate cheat specifically for FaceIt and other leagues. More info to come at a later time.

Some changes have been made to our internal CS:GO cheat, which you can purchase here. You may not have seen any new major updates added to the cheat, but over time, they will be added, such as a new menu and new features. At the moment, elliot.'s priority is focused on developing a cheat for FaceIt, but don't worry, these updates although minor, improves the stability of sinq.aX:
  • AimAssist Updated - AimAssist has been fixed
  • Bug Fixing - Crashes are now rare and you should no longer experience them as much
  • Removal of the Singularity Ladder - You may have noticed that the daily ladder is empty, and it's due to the statistics no longer being synced with the forums. This is not permanent, as we are testing at the moment, and this feature will soon be added back in the next update
Best Regards,
The Singularity Team:sinqblue:
Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.