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General Rules

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Oct 10, 2017
Rules & Guidelines
Singularity is a community of individuals who are here to have fun, interact with one another, and help their fellow members. With that in mind, we ask that all members please follow these rules in order to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

By being on the website, each user (“you” or “User”) must follow the rules and guidelines made by Singularity (“Singularity”, “The Singularity Team”, “The Staff Team”, or “we”). A violation of the rules will be punished with our Penalty Points System.

  • Always behave friendly and polite towards all members of our community
  • Insults will not be tolerated
    • New members who are not familiar with the forum, this is to be accepted
  • Always try to help new members and refer to the rules when disrespected
  • Slander without evidence is prohibited
  • Do not leak or share any personal information that does not belong to you without permission
  • Spam of any kind will be punished with an infraction
    • Spamming in the Shoutbox
    • Spamming in conversations with other members and staff
    • Spamming in Support Tickets
    • Spamming in Threads
    • Spamming in Profile Posts
  • Always use the forum search before opening a new thread
  • Do not ask questions regarding sinq.freeX (more details below)
    • Always read in the shoutbox if someone has the same problem as you before asking that same question
    • Do not join the Discord server and ask if it is working, the Discord server is not a support server!
  • The following is prohibited:
    • Trading with stolen goods (credit cards, PayPal accounts, etc)
    • Posting content which contains racism
    • Posting content that contains personal details
    • Posting links which contain law violations
    • Posting links to sites that refer to other cheat providers
    • Posting referral links or pay4click links (e.g. sharecash.org)
  • You may only push threads which you created
  • Pushing threads is only allowed once per day (no pushing on the first day)
  • Pushing old threads is not allowed
  • You may only push trading threads and threads in which you are looking for help
  • Pushing threads by posting their link in the shoutbox is not allowed
  • You have to choose an insightful thread title
  • You may not use oversized pictures in your forum signature
  • Forum avatars or signatures may not contain illegal or explicit content
  • Download-links that need registration are forbidden
  • Downloads must not include an auto-updater and have to include a Virus-Total link
  • Multi-accounting is usually not allowed on Singularity
  • If you share your internet connection with a person which also uses Singularity, you will have to notify us
  • In case of a permanent ban, both users will get banned. You are liable for each other
  • In extreme cases, a house ban may be placed; trying to bypass it will lead us to take legal action
Additional Rules
  • The Singularity Team reserves the right to ban users for other reasons which are not listed here
  • We reserve the right not to take action against people who provide benefit to our community
  • We reserve to the right to change the rules and guidelines at anytime
  • You commit yourself to regularly check the rules for possible alterations
  • The user has no right that his posts or threads get deleted
  • The users who bought the cheat, must not give the cheat to another user or sell it to another user, breaking this rule will result in not having access to the cheat for that user
  • Selling the forum currency (Singulars) in the Public Market for real money is not allowed
  • Charging back or refunding will result in a ban

Best Regards,
The Singularity Team
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