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Google Login, eMails & Newsletter

Hello community,

we just wanted to let you know that we've integrated google login into our website. From now on you can login/register using your Google Login simply by clicking onto the G Icon displayed at the login form. If you already own an account with us you can connect your existing account with google here *click*.

In the last days, we've also switched the forum's mail server over to amazon, so we can better handle the flood of emails the forum is sending to you guys. In that process, we set up automated email handling for bounced emails. Meaning the forum will deactivate accounts with invalid email addresses. So make sure your mail address registered with us is up to date and valid. If your account got deactivated you can't post or read in the forums anymore as long as you don't change your mail address and request a new confirmation mail. Registration is now also coupled with a confirmation mail.

We are planning to send you guys newsletters and sales offer in the future so we added a new plugin to the website for that purpose. You can now subscribe to different newsletters and even automatically decide with keywords which newsletter you want to receive and which not. Every mail sent to you guys will of course have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail. To subscribe to a newsletter goto this page *click*.
The newsletters will contain deals, coupons, and special offers only for subscribers to the newsletter, so make sure you don't miss anything!

Best regards,
The Singularity Team
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