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[Guide] Fix Hwid Missmatch

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sinq.freeX User
Apr 17, 2018
Dear Singularity.wtf Community,

A few days ago I had the well known "Hwid Missmatch" error. I tried to figure out where it comes from, because I didn't change my PC in this time nor I changed my hwid. For newbies, "Hwid" is your Hardwareid. Every computer/windows user gets an individual hardwareid which "normally" isn't changable (With programs it is). Singularity saves your hwid so you can't "Clone" the product or play with more than 1 PC on your sinq Account (otherwise 1 guy would buy the cheat and 10 guys play with it). So I tried a few things to figure out why this Error happens.

Programs that cause the problem :
- Ccleaner
- Any other cleaning program

It deletes the saved hwid and login details. So Sinq is asking you again for your credentials, even when u saved them. You need to wait until Singularity fixed this problem, otherwise the problem will occur every time you clean your computer with Ccleaner or another software.

to reset your hwid visit this site and click on reset hwid : https://singularity.wtf/panel.php

Now you can login and play again. Happy Cheating

Kind regards,
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