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Maybe it's the best cheat on futur market

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by hiloki, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. hiloki

    hiloki Birthday Celebrant

    Apr 18, 2018
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    Hi guys,
    Offline, I'm a mechanical engineer and online I'm an average gamer and yeah in fact I've never used hack before. I always play game for fun but as far as I can realize the game won't be fun with cheater. For example, you played pubg and got boomed from somewhere else you can't even see with headshoot by M4 or whatever. So I quit pubg and get back on CSGO. The same situation here with CSGO, people always want to get higher rank w/o skills. So they cheated so hard even some people gave away some codes reduction in game to promo their software too. I asked one of my friend how he dealt w this problem. He told me that: " give it a shot" just try have fun as a cheater and sent me here so yeah that's how I started with this forum.

    In my mind I've never trusted any products since my main account got banned by modded skin in csgo. That time I've tried to use this and yeah nothing happens. VAC - passed. FACEIT - passed. And also w/ a bit skills in csgo in real, I can totally fake it like I didn't know how they were there. In fact, I think if people had cheat products and yeah burn some their grey matter, they can totally reach to that level w/o hack. It's gonna improve or change the way that you've played before. You'll check any angles ( like a pro), adjust your crosshair to prefire or 1 tap... yeah a lot of things you can improve to use a cheat legally and no one knows that. With my experiences of this version ax, it's a best thing I've ever tried. It's like a normal human with NZT-48 (limitless movie, lol im a fan of movies too), you can fly in whatever game, no more rage, and more fun and enjoyable. But I don't like to use cheat to destroy these others, I always have fun with it, sometime I tried hard too. And yeah, I think I'm in love w/ this tool cuz of that skin modded. People in CSGO is always obsessed w/ guns skins, knifes, and me too. That skins modded is so smooth, and there are a lots of skin for choosing.

    That's this, that's how I feel about this cheat product, and yeah for a newbie using cheat for me, it's a bit hard when I used it first time, I didn't know which button to turn on the ax menu, I didn't know how any its features work. And I didn't find any article or thread in this forum write about it. Sorry for my bad English.

    Best of luck in the market guys! Good work.
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  2. Aeru

    Aeru Chief Operating Officer
    Staff Member Admin    

    Oct 10, 2017
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    Hi Hiloki,

    thanks for your testimonial.

    Glad to see that you're enjoying our product.

    I have already added 20 Singulars to your account.

    Feature description
    If you need any assistance, just contact us! :)

    Best regards,
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