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My experience with Sinq.ax

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Nvthvnz, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. Nvthvnz

    Nvthvnz sinq.freeX User

    Jul 19, 2018
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    Hi, this is my personally review for Sinq.ax

    My thoughts:
    Okay so first of all... AMAZING
    I saw this cheat being used by Fl1cks and i completely fell in love with the visuals. What really got me to buy this cheat was the fact that it went undetected since its launch which is quite needlessly to say, impressive. I saw that this cheat came with so many options and controls, it showed so much promise, especially when this was my first time ever actually buying a cheat.

    The legit system on this cheat is without a doubt one of my favorite things about Sinq.ax
    It provides a fully customizable sliders that let you choose what kind of FOV you want, and how large you want the silent aim to be. Next is the visuals! Its just astonishing of what they can add to the enemy teams! Box, Skeleton, Name, Gun, Rank, and some other visuals that just shows you what a awesome cheat this is. They also give the option to colorize your settings, meaning that you can choose what the visuals can look like with a certain color. The colorizing part expands across ALL, from the player model, to the guns that are on the floor, and even the bomb, you can choose what color it represents which is really cool. Another thing is that all cheats usually come with a bunnyhopping system, but this cheat comes with auto strafing which i thought was a nice addon to the cheat. One last thing is how great this whole thing works, all the things it comes with, and HOW THIS CHEAT HASNT EVEN BEEN DETECTED. I cannot believe the words that are coming right out my mouth as i say this, this has been the first PUBLIC cheat that hasnt been detected, surpasses redeye, omniaim, plat, skeet, aimware, ANYTHING just name it. I even got risky and played a couple games of it on my main. Honestly, what a great cheat.

    The menu seems to be VERY glitchy when i open it sometimes, also there are times i save a certain config and it doesnt wanna save. Sometimes i encounter a problem of not being able to change my key bind which can be annoying but the cheat still works as promised in a amazing way. There are also times the wear on the skin you are using wont change, and ive have been told that the silent aim is buggy. I was in a match and i had my silent aim up to .7 and my FOV was at 7 with my smooth at 20. I was told that every time i was shooting a player, the spectator would see my crosshair snap and jiggle around the enemy i was shooting as if i was had aimbot, but on my screen everything looked fine. The problem only happened once, I just restarted my game and i was never told anything like that again. Lastly, this cheat doesnt come with a rage cheat. I mean theres auto aim and everything but its not enough to beat a spinbotter thats using aimware or any other free cheat.

    This cheat is a must buy, even with some bugs it still proves to show itself to be a outstanding cheat and much better than the other ones. Im sure there is even more stuff to add and the community on singularity is a clean and fun community. The supporters reply quick and even the admins come on to chat every once and awhile. Im very thankful i bought this cheat, i even donated to help them to keep going and i think you should too. I recommend the cheat to a few friends and got one to buy a one month access to the sinq.ax
    If you really want high quality cheats for cheap and arent looking to be detected, this cheat is the way to go.

    Happy hacking!
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  2. Aeru

    Aeru Chief Operating Officer
    Staff Member Admin    

    Oct 10, 2017
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    Wow and thanks for your honest testimonial Nvthvnz!

    Its glad to hear that you enjoy our cheat!

    Of course we try to improve our service in the future!

    (I have added 40 Singulars to your account because thats a really great testimonial.)

    Best regards,
  3. Exploitkit

    Exploitkit Guest

    Thank you for the honest feedback :)
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