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My Testimonial

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by yan, May 15, 2018.

  1. yan

    yan Donator

    Apr 12, 2018
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    Hey, my name is Jan and i'm using the cheat since a month now.
    I discovered through High-Minded but i ignored the initial drama and decided to check it out anyway, and i have not been dissapointed. It's important to note that i know that the cheat is in beta, and i know many things will get fixxed and overworked, but the testimonial is about the current state of the cheat.
    Beware, this is a personal Opinion, 100% not objective and probably biased.

    Usability: 6/10
    This is probably the biggest critique i have. I just feel like the general usability or "ease of use" is not that great. There are many factor's like the config system which kinda feels a little buggy for me, the problem that i personally can't play 4:3 because it crashes the game, the menu is not resizing automatically, it kinda breaks sliders, etc. I know that it will get fixxed but in the current state thats just not a good score worth, i'm trying to be as fair as i can.

    Aimassist: -
    Never used it, can't really say anything about it.

    Aimbot: 9/10
    The Aimbot itself is probably one of the best i've used, even though it's still beta. It's really configurable and powerfull with the right settings. You can basically do the sickest shots and still look legit, or you can just have a slight aimassist, maybe an aimkey to just help you out in critical situations. It's all possible, which is a great thing.

    Visuals: 8/10
    So, visuals are a hard point for me. Since i mostly only use a really low-alpha glow which i normally would toggle, which is not possible since, even though there is toggle-option it's broken. Still it has everything which i personally need so, i can't complain too much.

    Misc: 7/10
    The Misc-tab has a lot to offer, and some things you don't see on other cheat's. But for me personally it's still missing some things like a customizable Clantagchanger or an option to show the ranks of everyone in the scoreboard.

    I hope my testimonial is a good read worth, i'm open to what you guys thing to my opinion.
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