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New forum, new looks, new perspective

Hello there fellow cheaters,

After hours and hours of hard work by the whole staff team, we're finally ready to welcome you to our new and improved website!
We upgraded the forum to version two but the more eye-catching change is our switch to a new awesome looking style. We reworked all the logos, pictures, threads, and everything we could think of. In fact, we were working on this upgrade in the background silently since March. So now it's on you to give the new website a thorough check and see if everything is in place. If you find anything that's broken, needs to get replaced, or something of that nature, please send us a message via the support ticket system.

Csgo hacks
Every aX customer which bought the hack on the old forum version and still has his user title (aX customer) can rebuild their cheat and afterward download it here:
You don't need a license to download and use your product (like the bot message indicates).

sinq.eX customers will be the next in line to get updated! :)

A new perspective
Soon all cheats will share a new loader improving security and looks. Also a new product will be released for the game World of Warcraft real soon.
Going back to sinq.aX, the cheat itself will be revamped and updated with various things such as rage features, a new menu, and much more!

Thank you all so much for your support!

With much <3,

Make sure to check out our new forum shop (https://singularity.wtf/singular-shop/) to buy subscriptions, discounts and a whole lot of other cool features for your market and forums needs!
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