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By elliot. on Mar 16, 2019 at 1:03 PM
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    The downtime
    First off, all the cheats are all online again. :)

    So what happened?
    Our forum database got corrupted and we had to restore a very old backup, which resulted in a big loss of user data. :mad: As of right now Singularity is still under re-construction and this will be going on for a few days until the forum is restored completely. If your account data was lost please register with a new one.

    Why didn't you have auto backups activated?
    We had them active but our host configured the backups to drop onto our own machine. Genius right? 20.000k user accounts were lost in that process, so we decided to use this questionable "opportunity" and move our files to a more professional host.

    What about my subscription/account?
    Everyone who had an active subscription before the crash;
    Please open a support ticket including PayPal screenshots as proof of your payment. We will give you your subscription back and in a few days you'll receive one or two weeks as compensation.

    Parting our ways with Aeru
    After closely working together with us on Singularity for 2 years, Aeru decided to not just leave Singularity but to also stab us in the back.o_O We don't want to further disclose the matter, since we are not interested in making this a public issue. But one thing we want to say: Aeru did breach our contract by infringement of our non compete agreement.

    One door closes another one reopens...
    Since some ex-team members had personal difficulties with Aeru, which caused them to leave,
    you will be seeing some old faces back in our team again :D

    Do I have to fear a VAC ban now that Aeru is gone?
    Of course not, Aeru never had access to our source code, so there is no risk at all. The only thing he took with him are our social media accounts, discord server and some pictures.

    Thank you for staying with us,
    the Singlularity team
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Discussion in 'News' started by elliot., Mar 16, 2019.

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