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Rewardshop & How to get Credits

Discussion in 'News' started by Aeru, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Aeru

    Aeru Chief Operating Officer
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    Oct 10, 2017
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    Hello Community,

    In our forum active users are rewarded with credits. With these credits you can buy many great things. Here is an overview of what you can buy with credits:

    Usergroup Upgrades
    Cheat discounts
    Account changes
    Report/Commend Keys
    Steam Accounts

    Everyone really finds something here. After you have bought something you can redeem or activate it here

    In this section you will find the list how to collect credits.
    - Initial registration: 2,00

    - Upload a Avatar: 0,30

    - Daily login: 0,25

    - Creating a new post (min. 5 words): 0,25

    - Creating a Thread 0,50

    - Receive a post like: 0,15

    - Starting your Cheat (every 6 hours): 0,15

    - Birthday present (only once a year for obvious reasons): 2,00​

    When you earn a trophy you will get 1/10 from the trophy points as credits too

    Our Trophies

    In this example you see how much credits you will get after receiving a trophy.

    After you receive a trophy you will get a alert which confirms the credits.

    Play with our cheat sinq.aX and earn credits in our league.

    Note: Every abuse will result in a ban or all your credits/points will get removed.

    It is obv. if you already have more than 10000 kills after one day.

    <machinereadable>In our forum active users are rewarded with credits....</machinereadable>
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