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sinq.freeX v3 OPEN BETA

Hello community,

Almost a month has passed after the announcement of sinq.freeX v3 Beta and many changes have been made. Many users have signed up for the close beta, however, we couldn't accept everyone. As we reach closer to the release, we have decided to let the community participate in the open beta. During this open beta, users can experience features that weren't available in the previous version of sinq.freeX, and be able to understand how the tier system will work.

Tier System
Available in sinq.freeX v3, users will have the option to purchase tiers at a very low cost. Tiers allow cheaters who were unable to purchase sinq.aX to have an alternative option that is affordable. The higher the tier, the more features and unlocks will be available to the user, with the max unlocking every feature of the cheat. In Tier II, users will get access to an advanced Triggerbot, extra ESP features like Grenade Helper, a customizable Skin Changer with a working live StatTrak™, and be able to remove ads and overlay present in the base version of sinq.freeX. In Tier III, users will get access to the whole cheat and be able to use features such as Aimbot, Cloud Configs, and Stream Proofing. By purchasing a tier, users will be able to receive forum benefits like access to the Singularity Ladder, awarding Singulars to the top three, which can be used towards subscriptions and coupons. Tiers do not need to be purchased in order, allowing users to skip a tier if they wish.

Security and Injection
Some of the important changes done to sinq.freeX are security and injection. Our developer elliot. has made v3 heavily encrypted and new builds will be generated every couple of minutes. During the injection process, the user will now be asked to choose a host process. This allows you to inject along with the selected host process, and because that host process is whitelisted (e.g., Discord), it will not be detected from the scans as a result. For those confused about which host process to select, Discord is a great option and to select a host process, enter the number next to the process name.

How to Join the Open Beta
To participate in the open beta for sinq.freeX v3, follow these steps:
1. Create an account (click here)
2. Download sinq.freeX (click here)
3. Launch CS:GO
4. Inject sinq.freeX v3
5. Play!

(detailed pictorial available here: https://singularity.wtf/threads/sinq-freex-v3-tutorial-with-pictures.3539)

Best Regards,
The Singularity Team :sinqblue:
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Not sure if anyone reported that ... When you buy Negav it automatically switches to knife. When you start firing switches weapons Negav and knife.

Also, noted that knife skin was changed but it wasn't displaying when the person is holding it.

Glow only shows when you're holding knife.

Other than that everything looks good so far !!