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sinq.freeX v3 - Tutorial (with pictures)

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Oct 9, 2017
Hey community,

Since we get a TON of questions on how to get and use the new version of sinq.freeX we made a detailed pictorial for you. Feel free to give comments and suggestions so we can expand this post.

Step #1: Register an account
-use a valid e-mail address, you have to confirm your account​
-remember your password, you'll need it later with the cheat​
-check your email adress to confirm your account (if the mail got marked as spam, please unmark it)​
1.png 2.png

Step #2: Log in with your account data
-normally you're autimatically logged in after registration​
3.png 4.png

Step #3: Add product to shopping cart
-though freeX is free for everyone, you have to "purchase" it for 0€​
-if you like you can purchase additional features via tier upgrades​
5.png 6.png 7.png

Step #4: Checkout
-you only need to acquire one freeX version per account​

8.png 9.png 10.png
Step #5: Download freeX
-if you got download problems copy the download link with *right click* "Copy link address..."​
-paste the copied link into a new browser address window​
-your licenses can be found here: Store -> FreeX -> Licenses (https://singularity.wtf/store/sinq-freex.3/product-licenses)​

11.png 12.png 13.png 15.png 14.png

Step #6: Extracting the zipped archive

-since freeX is gonna save a credentials file onto your hard drive always extract the .exe file into a folder​
-for extraction windows explorer or an external zip tool (like WinRAR, 7zip, ...) can be used​
-always check if the file's creation date of the .exe file (inside the zip archive) is +/- 1hour of your local time​

16.png 17.png 18.png
Step #7: Launch freeX and log in
-launch sinq.freeX.exe with admin privileges and enter your credentials form Step #1​
-if you want to save your credentials to your hard drive (so you dont have to enter them the next time) press y​
-credentials will be saved and encrypted so you dont have to worry about some one reading your password​

19.png 20.png 21.png

Step #8: Choose a host process
-for security reasons the injection process isn't done by the loader itself instead its outsourced to a legitimate host process​
-you can pick any host process you like (except csgo, steam, anticheats and antivirus software), for our testers discord always worked great​
-if there are multiple procesids of the same process always pick the first one that got listed​
-if you get a "Client not found!" message box popup from your host process, too much time between download and inject went by to fix that just redownload freeX (Step #5)​
-if you have to redownload, you can use your credentials.wtf again (so just overwrite the existing freeX.exe file)​

22.png 23.png 24.png

Step #9: Injection into Counter-Strike
-once injection was complete (you'll hear a positive windows sound) you can open CS:GO​
-wait in cs:go's main window until you hear another windows sound and see the "welcome to singularity" logo​
-to open the cheat's menu press DEL on your keyboard​
25.png 26.jpg 27.jpg

(I) = Tier 1
(II) = Tier 2
(III) = Tier 3

- Active Switch (III)​
- Toggle Key (III)​
- Team Check (III)​
- Jump Check (III)​
- Visible Check (III)​
- Target Lock (III)​
- Stop After Kill (III)​
- Field of View (III)​
- Smoothing (III)​
- Hitboxes (III)​
- Prediction (III)​
- Height Correction (III)​
- Aim Time (III)​
- Shot Delay (III)​
- Start Shot (III)​
- Stop Shot (III)​
- Target Switch Pause (III)​
- Random Error (III)​
- Curve Pitch (III)​
- Curve Yaw (III)​
- Recoil Pitch (III)​
- Recoil Yaw (III)​

- Active Switch (I)​
- Toggle Key (II)​
- Team Check (II)​
- Compensate Recoil (II)​
- Gun Game Immunity (II)​
- Delay (II)​
- Burst Time (II)​
- Burst Pause (II)​
- After Burst (II)​
- Hitboxes (II)​

- Active Switch (III)​
- Box ESP (III)​
- Line ESP (III)​
- Active Weapon ESP (III)​
- Team Check (III)​
- Visible Check (III)​
- Thickness (III)​
- Bomb Timer (III)​
- Defuse Timer (III)​
- Bomb Damage (III)​
- Colors (I)​
Grenade Prediction
- Active Switch (II)​
- Duration (II)​
- Speed (II)​
- Path Color (I)​
- Bounce Color (I)​
- Active Switch (I)​
- Visible Check (II)​
- Team Check (II)​
- OnlyOnKnife (II)​
- Players (III)​
- Weapons (III)​
- Grenades (III)​
- C4 (III)​
- Bloom (II)​
- Bloom Intensity (II)​
- Colors (I)​
- Active Switch (I)​

- Active Switch (II)​
- Rare Deagle Animation Only (II)​
- T Knives (II)​
- CT Knives (II)​
- T Gloves (II)​
- CT Gloves (II)​
- Active Skins List (II)​
- Weapon Selection (II)​
- Skin Selection (II)​
- Wear Selection (II)​
- Seed Selection (II)​
- Quality Selection (II)​
- Live StatTrak™ (II)​
- Custom Name Selection (II)​

- Bunnyhop (I)​
- Legit AutoStrafe (II)​
- AutoPistol (I)​
- Menu Key (III)​

- Active Config (III)​
- Config List (III)​
- Weapon Profiles (III)​
- Reset (III)​
- Upload (III)​
- Add Config (III)​
- Load (III)​
- Save (III)​
- Auto Weapon Settings (III)​
- AutoSave (III)​
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sinq.freeX User
Mar 14, 2021
When i downloaded the free one, i didint get a credentials file. ive redownloaded a couple times. still no luck.


Staff member
Oct 9, 2017
When i downloaded the free one, i didint get a credentials file. ive redownloaded a couple times. still no luck.
the credentials file will be created once youve logged in with the cheat and saved your credentials, obviously.
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