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Stealing Singulars


Staff member
Mar 17, 2019
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Hello community,

We are introducing a brand new feature - Steal. This gives you a chance to steal currency from another member. You will be able to read how this feature works down below. Note: This feature is not complete and it can change over time. The information down below can also change.

Steal Attempts
Automatically, you only have 3 attempts every 3 hours to steal someone's Singulars. You can wait 3 hours to get your 3 attempts back or purchase more steal attempts
here. When purchasing steal attempts, they will not reset to 3 after 3 hours. Your steal attempts will only reset when you have below 3. Keep in mind that purchased steal attempts will expire in 1 day. Once you have successfully stolen Singulars from someone, you will not be able to steal from that user until the cooldown ends.

Chance of success - 5%
When using this new feature, your outcome will be based on the chance of success. By default, the chance of successfully stealing Singulars from a user is 5%. To increase the chance, you can purchase an upgrade

Stolen if successful - 5%
When you successfully steal Singulars from someone, you will receive 5% of their balance. This means if you steal from a user that has 100 Singulars, you'll get 5 Singulars from them. If you steal from a user that has 500 Singulars, you will get 25 Singulars from them. To increase this, you can purchase an upgrade

Lost if unsuccessful - 10% (Not Yet Implemented)
When you fail to steal Singulars from a user, you will lose 10% of your balance. As of right now, this feature has not been implemented yet, but it will be added soon.

Purchasing immunity in the shop will grant you protection and protect your Singulars from being stolen by the friendly community members. To purchase the immunity feature, go

Best Regards,

The Singularity Team