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sinq.aX Testomonial by IcePixel

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by IcePixel, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. IcePixel

    IcePixel sinq.freeX User

    Apr 26, 2018
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    yo, this will be my review for sinq.aX. I will try to describe every feature how it performs and what it does. (I won't look at my grammar and writing mistakes sorry for that in advanced)

    I discovered the cheat itself through youtube and pasters.cc.

    Now lets get to the features itself.

    Category: Aim & Shoot

    Aim Assist

    I didnt know what it does at first if im honest because the feature list didnt describe it properly but in short form if you aim at your target at the specific hitbox that u can set in there it will kinda keep your crosshair on the hitbox and move the crosshair with you if you move sligthly or move your mouse slightly.
    Check the features for yourself that I linked via the ghostbin link.
    All the other features that the Aim Assist within holds work like a charm and I have nothing to critizise about that so overall its pretty good for legit cheating.

    Legit Aim (Aimbot)

    Your typical aimbot that is working like a charm but with additions that im gonna describe now.
    You can nearly setup everything in the aimbot from aimtime,shotdelay,targetswitchpause,prediction and much more it has so much to configure the aimbot to your liking which I like very much.
    But the most standing point for me why I like the aimbot is you can set the parallel FOV's for the normal aimbot and the silent aimbot that it holds within.


    The triggerbot is I think the most customizable I have seen so far.
    It has all the checks that all of the features above have too.
    U can set a delay,a bursttime,a burstpause and you can set after burst what I dont really know what it does tbh xd. It contains a Autowall which is not typical for a triggerbot imo.
    So its pretty good overall


    Standard Knifebot nothing to say about it works like a charm.

    RecoilControl (RCS)

    Standard RCS that works like a charm having no complaints about it.

    Overall Feedback for the Aim & Shoot catogory.

    Its pretty good I dont have any complaints about it only positive feedback from the legit cheating side.

    Category: Visuals & Settings

    The visuals are beautiful and I think they're the best ive seen so far and the customizability is incredible.

    Category: Skins

    Your typical good skinchanger its very good but it can be buggy sometimes for me atleast it provides patterns too for full blue pattern on a case hardened for example.

    Category: Misc


    It contains Bunnyhop,strafer,fakelag,autoaccept and the sinq.aX leaderboards / the cheat ladder
    All features work like a charm.


    Contains clantags,namespam and chatspam.
    Funniest thing in here is the chatspam mode callout which calls the enemys position in all chat which is pretty funny sometimes xd.
    Everything works like a charm in here.


    Because im not so much into the HvH scene I cannot say much about this tab but I will get to it later.


    Can be pretty buggy sometimes especially when setting new spots but it works .)

    Category: Player

    This catogory is probably something ive seen which is pretty unique.
    The cheat provider itself provides a reportbot and commendbot and it works by getting key's but with this tab you can use it ingame and for example reportbot someone in a game or commendbot someone in a game.
    Also it contains prioritizing someone and whitelisting people.

    Thats it I guess? Well for legit hacking this cheat is really good I didnt encounter many problems everything worked flawlessly the visuals are beautiful imo and it nearly has everything you need.
    Now lets get to rage hacking. The Anti-Aims are nothing out of the ordinary and it doesnt contain a resolver from what ive seen u can easily beat some people in mm with it (i only had the case 3 times and won) but overall
    its not that good for rage hacking but updates for that are on their way from what ive heard so I cant wait to see the new features then.

    Overall Feedback

    The cheat has flaws like many others do but its pretty good especially the visuals imo. But there negativ points like the grenadepredition or the grenadehelper the problems are adressed already and are supposed to be fixed and the next update ive heard.
    The menu is something unique and looks really good and the cheat doesnt kill much fps which is very important for me because my pc sucks ass.

    Overall the support from the team itself is pretty fast and amazing so goodjob on that.
    Thanks to Aeru for providing me the opportunity to test this cheat for a whole month and overall thanks to the staff team they're very kind.

    Have a nice day.

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  2. x3nith

    x3nith Active Member

    Jul 27, 2018
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    Thanks for the review!

    Thank you for also mentioning the few bugs you found, it helps us improve our cheat. I'll credit you with 20 singulars. :)

  3. allan1989

    allan1989 sinq.eX User

    Sep 17, 2018
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    An interesting testimony, I hope to make one with Sinq.ex
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