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Upcoming Changes to sinq.freeX and Operation Broken Fang Update

Hello community,

with the release of a new CS:GO operation, "Broken Fang", both of our free and paid CS:GO cheats are working, which you can download here. With Christmas arriving soon, you can expect a holiday sale around that week where all our products will have a discount.

Although we can't go into much detail, sinq.freeX will receive many changes and features. Users will be able to have access to a simple menu they then can use to access new features, including a Skin Changer, Bunny Hop, Grenade Helper, and more. Some of the features listed and many more will be accessible through an upgrade at a low price. Every freeX user will have access to all features (including premium) to try out for a short time so they can get comfortable with the features if they ever choose to upgrade. Our goal is to provide a cheat that will attract customers who do not want to pay the full price of sinq.aX and instead pay for a lightweight version of it.

sinq.aX - Cloud Update
It has been almost more than a year since any major changes were made to our internal CS:GO cheat. With the focus shifted from other projects and products, it is confirmed that sinq.aX will be revamped for v2. For now, we ask that of our customers to be patient as the developer is working hard to bring v2 to sinq.aX. Below are the updates that were made - a rebuild might be required.
  • Cloud Configs - Error with uploading configs to the cloud has been fixed
  • Entity ESP - ESP regarding entities has been fixed
  • Singularity Ladder - Statistics will now sync with the ladder
  • Skins - New skins that arrived with the recent operation has been added
Best Regards,
The Singularity Team:sinqblue:
For the freeX update, will the fee be one time or will be charged per month ?
Also any hint about the price ?