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Hello fellow cheater,
and welcome to Singularity! This thread should help you to become familiar with us and become an active part of our growing community.

Take part in this growing community by following our guidelines. From acts of kindness to respecting others, by simply following our rules, you can be an amazing member! You can help out those in need, or help the community in general. There’s going to be those who won’t follow the rules and we take serious action on them. Those who are in violation of our rules will be punished with our Penalty-Points-System, so make sure you've read them intensively!

Currently, we provide three cheats for CS:GO, however, in the future, we are planning to expand into other games.

CSGO Cheats
sinq.aX - Premium Internal CS:GO Cheat
sinq.eX - Premium External CS:GO Cheat
sinq.freeX - Free CS:GO Cheat

There are multiple payment options, PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, and Steam Skins/Codes, allowing you to purchase our cheats with ease!

Credits System (Singulars)
Do you wish to have access to our premium cheat but can’t purchase it? Or are you just looking for discounts so you can get it for cheaper? Well, Singularity has you covered! From adding color to your name to getting discounts on your purchases Singularity allows you to get credits in many ways, such as joining the lottery!

Exclusive Rewards
Want to get the best out of your time with our premium internal CS:GO cheat sinq.aX? No worries, with our built-in league system and automatic tracking of your statistics by sinq.aX in official competitive matchmaking, you can compete with other community members in our daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard and receive prizes for being in the top three!

Looking for steam accounts? Wanting to sell accounts you don’t need? Wanting to do giveaways? You’re in the right place! Our site offers those who are interested in buying and selling. After every successful transaction/trade, feedback is required from both sides. Got scammed? Report them in the Scammer Reports section! We take serious action as scamming is something we do not take lightly of.

Still Curious?
Are you still filled with questions or need help? Visit our FAQ which should answer your problems. If not, you can always make a Support Ticket and our friendly Staff Team will be glad to help you!

Best Regards,
The Singularity Team
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.